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"Great to work with. Provided a lot of options and quick to reply to different requests. Thanks for a great job!"
Profile pictureJeff Hobbs reviewed over 3 years ago
"Excellent work - Mimie's first design was almost exactly what we were looking for - as if she read our mind. We then fine tuned it together as she took on our comments with quick and immediate responses. Thank you Mimie!"
Anonymous client reviewed about 4 years ago
"Thanks Mimie! Very happy with the result :)"
Profile pictureVicinity Marketing reviewed over 5 years ago
"Mimie did great work, in a fast, professional way! I was offered many designs and when it came time for me to pick one, Mimie was more than happy to make the changes to my final choice. I was even given the symbols that indicate it's a Trademark, both..."
Profile pictureJason Baar reviewed about 6 years ago
"Mimie is an excellent designer. I was able to get all the changes that I wanted and done quickly. All the files sent to me are there and organized nicely! Thank you and a job well done! "
Profile picturechris RQZ reviewed over 6 years ago
"A great designer, prompt and focussed. Will continue to engage on current and future projects!"
Anonymous client reviewed almost 7 years ago
"Great designer, made great suggestions and was very prompt and responsive to requests. Highly recommend."
Profile picturejulie 1G reviewed almost 7 years ago
"Fabulous designs of the very best quality. A very professional designer to work with. Thank you!"
Profile pictureInfo MZ reviewed almost 7 years ago