Logo design contests: creative ideas from real people

There’s no better way to design a logo that works for your brand. Multiple designers will send you tons of ideas for your business’ logo, and you’ll choose your favorite. No templates. No robots. No frustrating apps. Just a 100% unique logo.

Completely custom logo design

We don’t do “cookie-cutter” anything (unless you’re selling cookie cutters). You’ll get a bespoke logo that sets you apart from the competition.
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by Cross the Lime

Multiple concepts from pro designers

Why stop at just one good idea when you can have 10 (or 50!)? Our designers turn their diverse creative and cultural perspectives into dozens of concepts just for you.
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by Martis Lupus

Money-back guarantee

We’re your creative partner from start to finish. We offer free design consultations and 24/7 customer support. Still don’t like your logo? Get your money back.
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by pmo

How a logo design contest works

Create a design brief.

1. Describe your perfect logo

Our interactive creative brief makes it simple to describe your vision for the perfect logo design and set your budget.

Pick your winning design.

2. Get dozens of ideas, unique to your brand

Professional designers from all over the world will send you ideas. You’ll collaborate and give feedback to create the ideal company logo.

Get dozens of designs.

3. Choose a winning logo design

You’ll have seven days to work with designers. Then, you’ll select your favorite and we'll transfer the copyright and send you the necessary image files.

Trusted by thousands of brands from every industry

WallStreetBets began as a community on reddit to become a global retail investor movement.
"Rezerect" is different way of spelling "resurrect" which means something is brought back to life. Our project is abou
A gold mining company with operations in Africa and the Americas.
Pipeline inspections. I want it to have sort of a tattoo or badass type vibe. ROW is "right of way" which is the workspa
We are a pixel-based video game where players draw pixel art on a collaborative board. Similar to Reddit's https://re
We’ve saved a spot for your company!
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Technology, Music, Streaming, live DJ My name is Hank House Hank House, MPM Master Project Manager I like to s
US$1,299 USD
side by side /UTV ATV tours Target all ages Vancouver Island The logo will be used for website, social media, truck wr
We don't need anyone to come up with anything unique or new, we just want to update our existing logo. We want to stick
The TC in TCG stands for Tri-City which is a region in Alberta were three towns used to meet. This company sells land l
US$461 USD
We provide bookkeeping and cash flow management strategies to churches. Our target audience is protestant churches in Ca
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How much does it cost to design a logo?

We guarantee that you’ll get a great logo design no matter what your budget is. Our higher-priced packages offer more experienced designers and more hands-on support. Prices exclude Sales Tax.

Design concepts (approx.)
Design concepts (approx.)
100% money-back guarantee
100% money-back guarantee
Full copyright ownership
Full copyright ownership
Mid & Top Level designers only
Mid & Top Level designers only
Top Level designers only
Top Level designers only
Dedicated manager
Dedicated manager
Prioritized support
Prioritized support

Need more than just a logo? We can do that.

Your brand is bigger than your company logo. Get everything you need to grow your business with one of these affordable logo design services:

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What is logo design and why is it important?

Logo design is the process of arranging symbols, images, text and color to create a unique mark that communicates the essence of your brand. 
A great business logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity. You’ll use it for all parts of your company: on your website, social media, physical products, packaging, marketing materials and in stores. A great logo helps customers understand what you do and what sets you apart from the competition. It can be the difference between a one-time purchase and creating a long-term ongoing relationship with your customers.
rabbit logo design made of circles
by S.Kitanović

What's the secret to a perfect logo?

Logos are more than just pretty pictures. They’re the tools you need to help you attract the right customers and build brand loyalty. Learn the art of logo creation with our free, step-by-step guide.

Everything you need to know to create a logo

Triangle logo
colorful bird logo
hamburger mountain logo

The seven types of logos

The best way to get a logo

The top logo trends of 2019

You know you need a company logo. But what kind do you need? We’ll walk you through the seven types of logos to decide which is best for your business.


Learn the ins-and-outs, pros-and-cons of logo creation using a freelancer logo designer, online logo maker, logo design contest or branding agency.


This year, we’re seeing a fierce appreciation for color, storytelling and design-defying experimentation. Find what’s new in logos for 2019!


Your burning logo design questions, answered.

Most businesses create a logo in one of three ways: by running a design contest, hiring a freelance designer or making their own with a logo builder. Each option has advantages and drawbacks, but we think design contests are the best option to get a custom company logo because they offer you multiple ideas and flexibility. Not sure which way is right for you? Check out our guide to discover the best way to design your logo.
If you’re not a trained graphic designer with design software, you can make your own logo using a logo builder or logo design app. Generally, these tools use templates to help you build a basic logo. If you want a custom logo design that sets you apart from the competition, a design contest is a better option. But sometimes, price and speed are your most important factors. If that’s the case, check out our list of the best logo makers and the best logo design apps.
At the end of the day you’ll get one totally custom logo, complete with full legal copyrights for that winning design.
You’ll also get all the image files you’ll need to use your logo both online and in print. This means you’ll get the original, editable vector file (usually an Adobe Illustrator file), vector EPS files in both CMYK and RGB (for print and web, respectively), and a web preview file, like a JPG on PNG, so you can preview your logo on virtually any device.
Plus, you’ll get the full legal copyright, so the design will be all yours.

Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer animated logos through logo design contests. If you would like an animated logo, please hire an animated logo designer for a freelance project.
We think logo contests are the bees knees, but sometimes it makes sense to work with an individual freelance logo designer. In that case, you can search through our logo designers’ portfolios, or check out our article on the best logo designers on 99designs.
Yes. If you have any specific images (like symbols or icons) that need to be included with your logo, please submit them to designers with your brief.
Absolutely! Finding a designer with whom you can build a long-term working relationship is the ultimate goal. When your logo design contest finishes, you can continue working directly with your designer on additional designs through 1-to-1 Projects.
We guarantee that you’ll get a great logo design at any pricing level, but our higher-priced packages give you more design options and better support.
Here’s how it works: When you pay more, the prize for the winning designer is bigger, too. Choosing Silver over Bronze means you’ll get more submissions to choose from. Our Gold and Platinum contests are restricted, so only hand-selected, Top- and Mid-Level designers can participate, meaning you’ll be sure to get a top-quality logo. Finally, Platinum contests offer guidance from a dedicated Support Manager.
Running a logo contest is fun, but can be time-consuming. When selecting your pricing package, think about how much time you’ll have to review the amount of submissions and what your knowledge level is in writing briefs and working with designers. If you're still unsure, contact us for a design consultation.
Yes. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment on all Logo Design Contests, except those with a guaranteed designer prize and those that have entered the Final Round. You can also call us anytime to help you rewrite your brief, reopen your project to ensure you get a good result and help you pick a winning design. Remember, if we refund your contest, you aren’t legally entitled to use any of the designs submitted to your contest.
A good company logo does three things: it tells potential customers if the product is right for them; it communicates what you stand for; and it makes them remember your brand.

The best way to design a logo that communicates this information is to work with a professional logo designer. They’ll be able to recommend the right type of logo and suggest colors, shapes and fonts that deliver the message you want your brand to send.
There's a wide price range for logos, from almost free to $10,000 or more. In general, small businesses and startups should expect to pay between $300 - $1300 for a good logo designed by a professional designer.
What should your budget be? Read our article on logo design cost to find out what you can expect at each price point.
Lots of ideas! Get inspiration by searching through logo ideas created by our design community. 

Bring as many specifics as you can, too. Include designs you like, brand details, logo colors, fonts, type of logo, style, product photos and any other specifications that would affect your design.
The more you give the designers, the better your logo will be!
We can help. Save money with one of our bundles! Get a business card, a website, or social media designs with your logo. Or get a business starter kit with a whole Brand Identity Pack
You can also check out our other design categories or search for a designer that can create the exact materials you need.
Your logo design contest includes one winning logo. If you need a second logo, you have several options: you can award multiple winners, run a second contest or work directly with your winning designer to create the additional assets.
On 99designs, designers agree to upload only original artwork, so each designer owns the rights to their design submissions until you choose your contest’s winner. During the final stage of a logo design contest, called handover, the designer agrees to transfer the rights, and you become the owner of the copyright of your winning logo design.
Yes. You can choose to “Make your contest private” from the Contest options section when you launch your contest. This will prohibit designers from posting their submissions to your contest in portfolios or elsewhere, and your contest will not appear in search results.
This option will also automatically attach a standard NDA template to your contest. If you prefer, you can also upload your own NDA.
Please note that if you do not select this option up front, we can't always remove it from search results later.
Every business has a different set of needs and that’s exactly why these different types of logo design services exist. Your choice boils down to determining what’s important for you at this stage of your business.

This guide may help you understand the difference between logo builders and us.
If you decide a logo creator is what's best for you right now, here's our list of the best logo makers.

We’re your creative partner

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Designs ahead! Let’s ride.
Designs ahead! Let’s ride.