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Winning design

Fusient Rebrand

We are a developer of specialized applications that require the best possible solutions for complex business practice...

By mike 5e in Web Page

55 Entries $1,349 silver price
Winning design

Creating a website to showcase Netflix Movies

We list all the newest and popular movies to watch on Netflix, if Netflix doesn't have any movie, we provide an alter...

By Stephen1237 in Web Page

37 Entries $899 silver price
Winning design

Redesign a scientific society website.

Serving members of a non-profit international society of scientists, engineers and medical doctors.

By jcarson k in Web Page

73 Entries $2,499 platinum price
Winning design

Create a vibrant design that conveys our brands messages clearly and creatively!

Vegan Pure is nutritional company that develops and sells a line of plant based nutritional shakes catering to people...

By joe.botticelli in Web Page

146 Entries $2,049 gold price
Winning design

Design an awesome Search Engine

online search engine...

By JTBlender in Web Page

27 Entries $749 bronze price
Winning design

Create our New HVAC Contractor Website

We sell Home Heating (heat pumps) and Energy Savings (electric thermal storage & hot water systems) equipment. Our ta...

By ian zD in Web Page

25 Entries $1,049 silver price
Winning design

CoinCamp - Buy or Sell Bitcoin Easily

We sell bitcoins to every day people. Similar site to Coinbase, but much easier to use....

By mikecurry74 in Web Page

33 Entries $2,649 platinum price
Winning design

Web site graphic design (based on a web site graphics specification document)

See current website...

By Harold26 in Web Page

52 Entries $1,749 gold price
Winning design

Design a World Class Real Estate Listings Portal!

Our website complements our product: the only Real Estate Channel in Canada! We take property images and information,...

By cbaldwinson in Web Page

76 Entries $2,799 platinum price
Winning design

Perfecting the art & science of sitting.

ergoCentric designs, develops and sells ergonomic seating and accessories. They have products and options that are fi...

By Brainrider in Web Page

178 Entries $1,652 gold price
Winning design

corporate skunk works

solve complex R&D challenges using virtual filtered crowdsourced teams + databases and thinking tools. No proper indu...

By scottw S in Web Page

32 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Life Insurance Website- and .ca

An Insurance website that collects interested clients information and with that submitted information, replies to the...

By Daniel345823 in Web Page

26 Entries $599 bronze price


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