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T-shirt design needed for Kartaca

muges needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 146 designs submitted by 33 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - killer_meowmeow
Great job - exactly what we needed. Well done!!
- Anonymous

How muges started their t-shirt journey

Brand name



We are a Turkish software company specialized on mobile and Internet applications and services. Our team is young, eager to learn and energetic. We work mostly with national and international GSM operators and use Linux systems. We have a very open culture in the company which is coherent to open source software mentality and philosophy. We accentuate team work in the company: building teams, taking together needed responsibility, helping each other, sharing ideas and knowledge are the characteristics of Kartaca way of working. As Kartaca we agree that happy employees provide good job. So we support our employee's self development and happiness.

we are founded in 2009 under Parkyeri ( no english web page another software company) .

Parkyeri was very well known company in IT sector in Turkey, the shareholders founded 2 companies under Parkyeri and Kartaca is one of them.

Kartaca has herited the experience from Parkyeri, but we differe from Parkyeri with our organization model, team work, and our focus on the market and new technologies. We are 25 persons in the company, we aim first to be well known in Turkey than to open to Global market in 2 years. Already we have a client from Albania... (GSM operator Eagle Mobile)

We want to be a leader company in mobile and web applications in Turkey cause we have the talent and experience for. Since Parkyeri we have finished more than 300 projects.

Our references are Turkcell ( etc...

our applications are like these solutions infrastructures (english examples:

we do e-commerce or internet web sites like e-bay, our cost is not cheap.. We are doing custom applications. We give importance to applications's architecture, usability, flexibiliy and security,

We are very intrested to new technologies and using them. This can be a programming language or a new tool or application.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

We will wear these t-shirts ourselves and distribute them in local universities for marketing purposes.


We are looking for a t-shirt design (on black t-shirt/short sleeve and white t-shirt/short sleeve) representing Kartaca We aim to have a simple, nice and unique t-shirt design which will reflect our business area and our company's culture.

Few things to think about:

1. No mobile devices
2. Nothing too complicated - We always find the shortest, efficient and secure way for our customers need.
3. We will print all the sizes XS to XXL, we want to use one design plate for all sizes. The design is preferable if its something easily printable.
4. We want something humorous or entertaining.
5. The design must contain one black and one white t-shirt samples.
6. Front side and back side design are required.
7. Our logo must exist on the t-shirts.
8. İnclude the font file and font name (if its not found in windows and Linux environment )

Here is our website (to see our logo and our colors) :

The files we will require are:
Print file format - .ai (CMYK)

Please do not use any stock images or clip art on the t-shirt

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