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CKDK is an alternative rap group out of STL MO. you can check them out at They rap about all the stuff you expect rappers to talk about and them some. They are very aggressive. They are white. They are not from the inner city, they don't wear chains and baggy pants and they hate rap rockers. Think eminem meets beastie boys. The guys really just have a jeans and t-shirt type of style. they don't wear baggy pants or grills or giant gold chains.

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We need a shirt for our fans and for the people who will be hearing us for the first time. ages 18-28ish. Even though their lyrics can be explicit the t-shirt still needs to remain relatively clean. I need a highschooler to be able to still wear the shirt in class.


I'm attaching a zip file with one of their main logos that they have been using lately and some various pictures of the band. If your design includes it, that is fine and if it doesn't that's cool too. I'm fine with designs that don't necessarily center on the front of the shirt, the designs can go all over the place, connect from front to back or still be traditionally placed front and center. Be creative as you can be and i'll provide as much feedback as possible. We may even choose more than one shirt if we see a bunch of awesome stuff. also here's some saying's that could be used on the shirt, again not required but just some ideas to get going, these are just suggestions to get the juices flowing

"so dank"
"dankest of dankity"
"oooooh yeah"
"........AND THE BONES!!!!!"

i'll maybe write some others later. we would probably be more geared to a shirt that does not having a saying but we'll see what turns up. some other themes that could be used are graffiti and garbage/trash since the name of their album is PURE GARBAGE. I also like the artwork that is on snoop dogg's doggystyle album. Ask as many questions as possible, i'll be checking regularly. Thanks guys, have at it!!!!

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