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Need Logo for Low Carbohydrate dieters to be motivated by!!

Pat Nemechek needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 157 designs submitted by 57 freelance designers.


How Pat Nemechek started their t-shirt journey

Company name

Carb is a 4 Letter Word!


I am an Internal Medicine doctor who aggressively utilizes nutrition to treatment my patients with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Many patients feel that changing their life style is nearly impossible and unpleasant to boot. I want a logo that will inspire and remind them to eliminate carbohydrates from their life. I'm somewhat of a jokester with my patients and have a very relaxed communication style. I'd like the logo to be somewhat lighthearted and remind them it can be fun and adventure to reduce carbohydrates and become healthy again.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

The audience is probably men and women from 30-60 years of age who are more interested in becoming healthy than taking another medication.
This isn't necessarily a dieting type of person. We focus more on reducing carbohydrates than reducing weight.


I need file type that would be used both on the web and for print. I don't know specifically what these are but the most common type from your perspective will be fine.

You are completely free to emphasis the slogan, "Carb is a 4 Letter Word!" I would like people to think it is fun to wear a hat or a shirt with this logo on it.

You can see my practice website and my nutritional blog website if you want to get a general sense of things.

Also, I'm not completely wed to the basic colors of my logo.

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