Dream Like Album Cover
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Dramatic Poster for LORD Luxury Perfume
Elegant Poster for LORD Luxury Perfume
Love Texts Ebook Cover
The California Honeydrops Band Poster
The Runaround Movie Poster
Witherings eBook Cover
Return to Ashtabula eBook Cover
Bridging the Gap Book Advertisement
Mineral Kiss Poster
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My name is Teresa and I started out in about 2001 designing posters for my local community centre with the mentor-ship of a former staff member with a background in graphic design as a way of learning what goes into good design. 2016 marks a huge milestone as I win my first award with international recognition in The Muse Creative Awards. This proves my strong design skills.

Check out my website for more examples of my working and to find out more a bout me http://www.designsbytc.com

Member since: October 13, 2011
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