New logo wanted for Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre

I was very impressed with DealSign. He came up with a design that took account of the feedback I was giving and it stood out from all the other designs (~600) in terms of simply and stylishly addressing the remit of the logo we wanted - which was to convey immune cells targeting a cancer. In addition, he came up with an independent colour scheme that worked better than my own suggestions - as well as configuring the design in a variety of different colour formats as we asked for. As a result, we've ended up with a design that is simple but effective, stylish and also flexible as well, and I think it will be do a great job for our research grouping. Everyone is happy with it.

On a personal note, DealSign was a pleasure to work with. He took feedback well, and made alterations very quickly and was generally very efficient. I am not surprised he has won other contests and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I wish him well in the future.

Best wishes,


Review by B.willcox
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