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Extra Files For DIRECT HOME SALE logo.

Dragon Fly is an outstanding designer. I asked for original designs & I started receiving mostly generic designs. Dragon Fly was the first to submit an original design & I knew his design would be a finalist.

Throughout the contest, I asked him for numerous revisions & he seemed to always have a fresh new idea that made the design even better than what I was thinking.

Throughout the whole contest, he was very responsive. Even after the contest ended he was still responsive. I asked him for a lot of different files after the contest & he provided those files.

I definitely would use him again. If you are looking for a good designer with good ideas & good response time, then I would definitely consider using him. I really liked the way he worked.

Also, I have to give a plug to 99designs because I really truly enjoyed using this site & will definitely use it again for other things I still need to get designed.

Review by music6227

about 5 years ago

Invite to work