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Business Cards, Letter head, envelope

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After Cogito Designs won my logo contest (out of over 300 other designs), I decided to ask her to design my business cards, stationary, and facebook wallpaper as well. I was impressed with the quality of work and her close attention to detail. She accommodated my every need and made sure that I was 100% satisfied before closing out the project.

My business involves a lot of networking and passing out business cards. People from all industries have complemented my business cards and like how it looks very professional. Cogito Designs also put in gold foil on the cards which adds a new element that you don’t normally see with other business cards. It was funny, the other day I gave someone my card and after we ended our conversation, I saw him across the room examining my card and tilting it back and forth to see the light shine against the gold foil. It’s a good sign when someone is almost mesmerized by your business cards!

Overall, great job Cogito Designs! I enjoyed working with you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Review by kevin.james.barbera

almost 5 years ago

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