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design for dvd front and back cover, dvd and logo

gmchin ran a print or packaging design contest — Custom package.


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Runner-up design by Takumi
Runner-up design by leves
Runner-up design by hefe
Runner-up design by medesn
Runner-up design by Liza G
Runner-up design by abner

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Winner - Takumi
Fantastic design. Thank you!
- rebecca.holland

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golfers from the weekend amateurs to teaching professionals to aspiring touring pros

Brand Name

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Marius Golf is the company which promotes Marius Filmalter, the premier putting instructor on the PGA Tour. His clients include Ernie Els, Tiger Woods and YE Yang amongst many other touring professionals

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The name of the DVD is Automatic Putting presented by Marius Filmalter. we already have a logo for Marius Golf which is attached and should be featured on the dvd packaging someplace. we need a logo for Automatic Putting and a layout for the dvd cover and the actual DVD itself. also should say "featuring Brad Faxon". I also provided some quotes from some touring professionals that should be be at very least on the back cover. the entire cover of a dvd is 11"x7 1/8"