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Winner - 72dpi Creative
Excellent job - will use again. Prompt in communications and work done to specs. Thanks!
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How schlein started their logo design journey


4 billion people live on less than $2 a day and business is part of the solution to eradicating global poverty. Robin Hood Asia helps global corporations and regional companies in Asia empower the poor through more targeted social investments.

We need an innovative, creative and highly upscale branding package that includes a new logo, website design, and stationery set. WeÂ’re looking for the best designer out there!

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Doing good is good for business

Desired Color Scheme:
Clean, crisp colors

Desired Style:
We are open to any and all ideas related to color schemes, use of visual material and fonts, and creative approaches, so long as it sets us “above the competition.” We’re looking for a clean look – use of white space and linear lines and punchy colou

Accepted File Formats:
Web 2.0, CSS, vector-based files

Robin Hood Asia
Doing good is good for business

Who We Are
Over the last 5 years, the Robin Hood Foundation in New Zealand ( has assisted business to engage in social investments locally and in Asia. We have worked closely with dozens of global corporations. In September, well be launching Robin Hood Asia (, which will adapt our proven approach to the Asian market. We will change the debate about how business and development can leave a legacy of hope and profit through innovative projects, partnerships and communications in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Name
Our name, Robin Hood Asia, says: the rich can help the poor. Were not about stealing from the rich to give to the poor (as in the old Robin Hood story), but giving business the permission to give back to the poor to empower them to make a difference in the lives of the 4 billion people who live on less than $2 a day.

Why We Do It
We believe that business has an important role to play in riding the world of poverty.

Our Slogan
Our slogan is doing good is good for business.

What We Need
An integrated branding solution:
New website 2.0 coded (
Stationery set (business cards, letterhead, presentation folder, envelope)

We need one or two logos, based on the following criteria. We currently have a Corporate Logo ( and a Bulls Eye (or Marque) Logo ( The Bulls Eye Logo uses the bulls eye and arrows effect to say that through a focused approach businesses can make a difference. This second logo is presented to business partners who are socially active. It is an identifier that they include in their own promotional materials to showcase the important social work they are doing.

We would consider two new logos, or one logo that captures the essence of both the Corporate Logo and the Bulls Eye Logo. One idea is to use the bulls eye as the core focus of our brand (like the Nike swoosh logo) the words Robin Hood Asia could be included for our own promotional materials, but the bulls eye alone would become the marker/brand that our corporate partners use on their own materials. Our slogan doing good is good for business can either be integrated into the logo or used as a stand-alone slogan on our website and promotional materials. (Ignore the words, Making a Measurable Difference, in the online sample.) We want to populate the Asian market with this logo over time!
Vector-based files.
We do not want any references to the traditional Robin Hood character.

Our new website ( must be very upscale and stand out as one of the best sites in the social entrepreneurship (, philanthropy ( and corporate social responsibility ( areas. Were looking to set the gold standard in the field by taking Asia by storm over the next couple years!

Creative Approach: Were open to all ideas related to color schemes, use of visual material and fonts, so long as it sets us above the competition. We want a clean look use of white space and linear lines and punchy colors works well. Our site should say were part of the business community, we understand you, but it should not be sterile. It needs to be appealing, eye popping, and truly invite the audience into the site.

Technical Specifications: Web 2.0, CSS, latest coding technology.

Menus: Designer can decide how to incorporate menu functions into the site.

Visuals: High res photos of people in impoverished communities to be provided.

Content Management: Site should be built with a Mac OSX content management program in mind to be commended by designer.

Site Sections: Most sections will be 1-2 html pages. Section 7 approx. 12 pages.

1. Flash Intro
Juxtapose a few images of people with a few simple quotes. Ability to skip intro required.

2. Homepage
Really cool, inviting homepage sets out theme for rest of site. Should be clean, easy to navigate and provocative. Should say: were different and you really want to enter to see how!

3. Ending Poverty
This section makes the case for why and how companies can end poverty. Dry material requiring use of photos/visuals to spice it up!

4. Consumers Who Care
Describes growing global trend of consumers taking increasing interest in how companies are behaving socially, environmentally and culturally.

5. Businesses Who Care
This section features our business partners those that are truly making a difference! It could be called Our Partners, but we like the symmetry between Consumers Who Care and Businesses Who Care.

6. The Robin Hood Process & You
Describes our work and how we engage our clients in poverty issues. This is our Sales Pitch!

7. Robin Hood Exchange
Features case studies of innovative entrepreneurial solutions to tackling poverty. Initially will include a dozen case studies of multinationals. An example of what wed like to do can be found at the…computing/. This link shows Microsofts FlexGo initiative it has a 3 para summary with some visuals, which then links to Microsofts site. We need a template that can be replicated for dozens of future profiles. Looking for something as good as (if not better than!) the Springwise site.

8. Media Spotlight
Highlight our news and our Media Partners.

9. The Marque
Features our Bulls Eye Logo (see for an example).

10. About Us
Information about company founders, board, and contact info.

Site Features
1. Search Engine
Include an internal Google search engine.

2. Google AdSense
Incorporate (discreetly) Google AdSense feature into site see…rmats.html.

3. Site Promotion
Need guidance promoting our site and driving as much traffic to the site as possible.

Expected Site Traffic
We expect the site to carry 6 big media sponsors from global regional Asian TV and press (i.e. BBC, CNN). The site will be viewed on an ongoing basis by pan-Asian media and the top-100 Asian companies. The winning designer will get prime viewing by a vast audience of influential businesses and individuals throughout Asia.

Our stationery set needs to be fully integrated with the logo and website design elements.

1. Business Cards: Include basic contact info and logo. Cards required for two company founders.

2. Stationery (A4): A first page and secondary page required. Both pages should include the Robin Hood Asia name and logo on top. The first page should (subtly) include contact info on bottom. Contact info should not be included on second page.

3. Presentation Folder: Should hold A4-size materials, include Robin Hood Asia name and logo on front, and contact info discreetly inserted elsewhere in folder (perhaps on inside page or back).

4. Envelope: Should include Robin Hood Asia name and logo. No need for contact info.

Technical Specifications: Vector-based files.

Font Styles
We would like designers recommendations for font styles and sizes that we should use in our day-to-day work.

Award contract: 1 August 2007
Complete project: 1 September 2007

Ongoing Relationship
Possibility of ongoing relationship with selected designer if quality of work is exceptional!

This contest was originally listed in multiple categories:
- Logo Design
- Stationery Design
- Web Page Design (Coded)

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