Triangles, circles and squares, oh my! This month’s Top 9 at 99 is all about the classic lines of geometric design—and our designers have been killin’ it lately.

Check out the logo for a sleek new outdoor company, a striking sentimental tattoo, two rad T-shirt designs, and much more. But in the end, gaga vastard took the prize with their minimal, geometric logo for blakroq. Let’s take another look at this month’s winner:

Watch out North Face! Blakroq, a new outdoor company, is armed with some seriously slick branding.

November’s Top 9 at 99 nominees


geometric logo design
L.J. Inks logo by Kroks

Clothing company L.J.INKS keeps it cool and creepy with a punk rock skull logo.


Get crafty! Neatlines takes craft beer to the next level with a fierce logo for Brewtal.

SOLA skis

geometric ski design
SOLA skis by kemalxxx

Hey, shredder! SOLA’s ski and snowboard gear gets a geometric upgrade.

Kundalini Clothing

geometric t-shirt
Kundalini Clothing t-shirt by merci dsgn

merci dsgn mixes geometric shapes with psychedelic style to create an eye-catching t-shirt perfect for the Leos in your life.

The Creative Abode

Whooo wouldn’t want to improve their home with gear from the The Creative Abode? The e-commerce home goods shop has a killer owl logo.

Seoul Kool

geometric website design
Seoul Kool website by A+B

Seoul kool! An awesome Korean skincare company hits the ground running with a badass website.

Horse tattoo

geometric tattoo
Horse tattoo by R O B

R O B helps a client commemorate their father, who was born the Year of the Horse, with an awesome equine tattoo for their inner forearm.


Mountain t-shirt

Mountain high, valley low—this scenic t-shirt by Dudeowl is good to go!

Thanks to everyone that participated in this month’s Top 9 at 99!