On Wednesdays, we wear pink. (Don’t get the reference? Here’s a hint.) Though that’s not true anymore. If you’re a millennial, you probably wear it every day. On everything, really, from clothes and accessories even mobile phones.

Pink iPhone

It seems like the whole craze started when Apple rolled out the pink iPhone—all the modern-day Regina Georges of the world had one. Which means everybody else had to have it too.

In fact, the pink iPhone accounts for 15% of all iPhone sales, and its popularity is gradually rising.

But let’s not get sidetracked here. Let’s talk design.

Millennial Pink makes its mark

pink flamingos
Even they are fighting about the origin of millennial pink. Photo by paul morris on Unsplash.

While pantone’s colors of the year come and fade, shades of pink seem to imprint into our subconscious, like an ink stain that just won’t go away.

Pink hotel from The Grand Budapest Hotel
The hotel made a splash with pink magnificence. Via Fox Searchlight.

Also known as Tumblr Pink, the first sighting goes back to 2012, when it appeared as a milder version of Barbie Pink. Soon after it received the timely moniker “Millennial Pink” and the rest is color history. Over the years, we’ve witnessed its evolution to an enigmatic hue that defies definition. Is it salmon? Grapefruit? Flamingo?

man in pink shirt
Millennial men are proudly wearing this shade of pink. Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash.

Eventually, we agreed it was ok to label it all of the above and connect it to the equally-mystical generation that worships its hybridity.

Aside from everyone’s favorite smartphone, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel also contributed to the Millennial Pink craze. The color won the hearts of world-renowned designers like Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and many others.

This pink is not a girly-girl color reserved for the four-year-old headed to ballet class in her fluffy tutu. Nope. This pink transcends genders, ages and mediums. In addition to tech gadgets, it has also been spotted on grown men, buildings and of course, websites, logos and marketing materials.

Pink sneaks from Dillards
Dillards gets in on the pink game with blush sneaks. Via Greats

Shoes, too.

Pretty in pink web design

The online world has embraced Millennial Pink and it doesn’t look like the pretty shade is going anywhere soon.

Designer Cédric Pereira
Interactive designer, Cédric Pereira, leans on pink for his portfolio.
landing page
Landing page by Răzvan I. for The Splice Newsroom.
Pink web page for Glossier
Beauty brand Glossier rocks Millennial Pink.
Victoria Spicer
Set designer Victoria Spicer saw pink’s potential and used it to contrast darker shades to create a dramatic feel on her site.

Particularly pink logos

As the face of the brand and the visual representation of a business, a logo is an essential part of an company’s marketing strategy. Millennial pink adds a modern feel to any logo.

Feminine logo for skin care
Feminine and luxurious logo by Victoriadesigns.


Milennial pink in marketing materials

Millennial Pink has been making its way into marketing materials, too, from business cards to stationery and beyond.

Business cards

Impulse travel agency
Aiming at the millennial digital nomad Impulse travel agency makes a splash with a retro pink design. Logo design by fatboyjim.
Erica Moncada photographer
Quite appropriate combination of Millennial pink and country style. Logo design by aran&xa.
Fashion blogger Zareem Shah
Zareem Shah fashion blogger expressing her wild, yet feminine identity. Logo design by threatik®.
Pink Simplicity with Sarah Banks
Sarah Banks shows how just a touch of pink enhances the power of simplicity. Logo design by typohead™.
Millennial Pink Watercolor effect
Watercolor effect with undertones of Millennial pink to appeal to female audience via etsystatic.com.

Stationery, posters and flyers

Pink stationary
Pretty pink stationery by TwinkleBee for sHe artists.
pink planner
Plan how to rule the world with this one via popsugar .
pink wedding invitation
Pink envelopes for trendy brides via speeddating.tn.

Social media and digital design


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Don’t like it? Sorry, you can’t sit with us.

This article was written by Lena Hemsworth. Lena is a web designer who enjoys surfing the depths of the internet almost as much as kitesurfing. She used to think that trees created the wind.