The City Poster campaign

A great city is somewhere we can feel good; whether we’re at home or at work.   Under the motto “I love my city” we got together with online transportation experst Uber to start a campaign that celebrated the two wonderful cities of Berlin and Munich. For 3 hours only on Wednesday 31 August Uber users in both cities could click on a 99designs City Poster button in the Uber app and order for a poster to be hand-delivered by their nearest driver.

Design makes you happy

Yes it does! Munich and Berlin poster fans were rushed to get their hands on one of the exclusive 100 posters from the 99designs Designer Community. There was a bit surge in Uber activity, and it spread smiles across the cities.

Uber City-Poster Aktion

It was a real delight for us to see the City Posters brighten up everyone’s day.

Design has no borders

Our designer community includes over 1 Million designers from all over the world. From Sydney to Serbia everyone can participate in our Design Contests. Our creative comes from 194 countries worldwide and thus our Platform has a wonderfully diverse and multicultural mix. The designers of the City Posters also come from many different countries. They love their cities especially, as they told us when we interviewed them:

Berlin poster
München Poster

Designs by Pijaczaj

About Pijaczaj

Tell us a little about yourself. Which city do you live in? How did you get into design?

I’m 31 and I come from Krakow. Ever since I was a child I have loved all forms on artistic expression, especially those related to graphics, so becoming a graphic designer came to me very naturally.

What makes your city so special to you?

I’ve been living in Krakow since I was born so the city is special to me because of hundreds of experiences and memories related to it. I appreciate Krakow’s rich history and culture. Krakow native inhabitants are really proud of their city. I met lots of foreigners visiting or living in Krakow and they have all been greatly impressed with this city.

What is your favourite spot in the city?  Where do you draw inspiration from?

There are plenty. If I were to choose one, the really magical place is the salt mine in Wieliczka, right next to Krakow. You feel as though you are in a film; the surreal underground corridors, maze of lights and old sculptures in salt all add to its unique climate.

berlin city-poster

Design by Asael Varas

About Asael Varas

Tell us a little about yourself. Which city do you live in? How did you get into design?

I live in Guadalajara, Mexico and our city is surrounded by history and art. I always admired the work of my City Masters, like famous visual artists, muralists and architects. I knew I was going to be a designer when I was a kid, so I’ve been involved in art and music all of my life. I went to the University of my city and have a Degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. Currently I’m a full-time freelancer but in my spare time I play the guitar as well as help young kids from poor backgrounds to get out of the streets. Every weekend I participate in a food service programme.

What makes your city so special to you?

My hometown in 476 years old so it’s a place full of tradition and culture, but also technology and creativity. It’s the best representative city from Mexico. Many people relate Mexico to Mariachi music, spicy food and Tequila – all of that is originally from my city.

What is your favourite spot in the city?  Where do you draw inspiration from?

My favourite spot in the city in Guadalajara is Downtown. Here you can find huge old buildings filled with murals by one of Mexico’s most renowned painters, José Clemente Orozco. He was a brilliant artist and so much of his art and legacy is embodied in this city.

Every city has it’s charm. Thanks to all the Designers who participated!

And now?

So design can often bring unexpected but welcome surprises. The activity in Munich und Berlin is certainly not the end. Every city has it’s lovers and we hope this love spreads even further with the designs of the City Posters.  Watch this space for more future ways in which we’ll help you celebrate your city through design.