What better way to bring our community together than through the power of design?

On September 9th, we did just that by throwing our first annual 9/9 Day. It was a day dedicated to celebrating design, connecting with one another and giving back to our local communities.

The 9/9 Day goodie box

To prepare, wepulled together goodie boxes filled with products created on 99designs, reached out to designers interested in hosting meetups and ran a fun community contest based on designers’ favorite creative quotes.

On the official 9/9 Day, the winning quotes were distributed to our entire community as inspirational backgrounds for their phones and desktops. The goodie boxes were given away as sweepstakes prizes and gifts to our amazing meetup hosts. And across the globe, we threw events inviting our 99designs community to meet one another and get creative.

Check out some of the celebrations below!

Oakland, USA

At our 99designs headquarters in Oakland, we felt it was only right to stretch the celebration out all week. To kick things off, we invited two local 99designers, Z_AsInZebra and Nicholas Sheriff, to join us for a fireside chat. They discussed their creative philosophy, working on 99designs and a bit about their own professional careers.

For the official 9/9 Day, we launched our own 99designs Snapchat filter (created by M.SPLAZH) and invited local designers to a fun Friday happy hour celebration at our office, where we also collected dry goods for the local food bank.

Z_AsInZebra and Nicholas Sheriff chat with two of our staff members, Monica and Stephanie
Preparing for the 9/9 day party (left) and dry goods for the local food bank (right)
snapchat filter
99d Staff members using our custom Snapchat filter

Surabaya, Indonesia

Arwino hosted our Surabaya 9/9 Day meetup, where local designers were invited to mix and mingle.

For the main event, nine Top Level designers were invited to come in and paint blank canvas shoes. The finished shoes were then auctioned off, with the proceeds benefitting to local schools.

9/9 day surabaya
Top Level designers working on their canvas shoes
9/9 day surabay
9/9 day surabaya
Some of the finished canvas shoes

Melbourne, Australia

Our Melbourne office also enjoyed a full week of celebration. The team got into the creative spirit with a mid-day Zumba exercise class before competing in a charity bake sale, where all proceeds went to benefit Global Women’s Project and Doctors Without Borders.

On the official 9/9 Day, they also set up their own custom 99designs Snapchat filter (created by Bananodromo), inspired by the classic surrealist painting The Son of Man by René Magritte.

Melbourne learns Zumba
99designs Snapchat filter
9/9 day bake sale
Charity bake sale contestants and prizes

Bali, Indonesia


Our Bali meetup was hosted at lifestyle goods shop, Urbanlifestore. The venue’s owner, Yun, as well as local arts community organizer Ripta hosted the event.

In addition to 99designers, artist communities from Tantraz Comics  and Rebelines were also invited, making the crowd a fun blend of local artists.

The main event was a digital comic illustration contest. Attendees were divided into seven teams, each working on illustrated stories using iPads provided by Apple retailer Global Apple. The three winning teams were awarded Urbanlifestore merchandise.

9/9 day bali
Designers sketching on their iPads during the comic illustration competition
9/9 day bali

Berlin, Germany

Our Berlin team got into the design spirit with a fun-filled week of creative activities. One of their highlights was bringing in someone from local printing studio druckrausch to teach our staff how to hand block print and decorate a personal tote bag. 

99designs staff working on their tote bags
9/9 day berlin
The 99designs Berlin team

For 9/9 Day, they hosted an extended happy hour in their office with delicious Indonesian food in honor of our Indonesian community. The festivities included finger foods, cocktails and 9/9 Day goodie boxes filled with products created on 99designs. 

9/9 day berlin
Opening the 9/9 Day gift boxes
9/9 day berlin
9/9 Day celebration in our Berlin office

Bacolod City, Philippines

In anticipation of the 9/9 Day event, our Philippines support team (JV, Lee, Edgar and Arissa) ran a Community Contest to get a custom illustration for their meetup:

bacolod 99designs logo
Designs for our Bacolod Community contest by ryzamort (winning designer), GabriellaT and byrevo.com

Despite some heavy rain, the team hosted a great meetup in the Bacolod Arts District. The venue was decorated as a design gallery featuring local artists’ best work. Designers present were encouraged to talk about the inspiration behind their work.

Top Level designers Lawrence Jarmin and Chalmer Relatorre were invited to speak about their success on 99designs and how they found their field of expertise. Lee, from our Designer Support team, also spoke to designers about recent platform updates and the perks of becoming a Top Level designer.

99designs' Philippines Designer Support team
99designs’ Philippines Designer Support team (left to right): JV, Arissa, Lee and Edgar
Curated work in the design gallery
9/9 Day
Attendees received our 9/9 Day t-shirts, which encouraged them to voice what design means to them
9/9 day Bacolod City, Philippines
9/9 day Philippines
9/9 Day participants in Bacolod

Thanks to everyone that participated in our first annual 9/9 Day. We can’t wait for next year!