Are you torn between your love for creating art and your drive to learn every new technology that comes down the pike? Have you never been satisfied working on a single project, favoring instead many varied projects to keep your interest? If so, those interests might just lead you to a career in graphic design.

First things first, here’s the general job description of a graphic designer: Graphic designers combine their creativity and artistic talent with their mastery of technologies to create text and images for a variety of clients—from the designing of one small logo to the creation of an entire branding package.

Talented graphic designers can think outside the box and create something unique. Logo design by SpoonLancer.
Graphic designers need to be able to blend great images and a sense of style to create logos that stand out. Business card design by Rose.

Read on to explore the whole range of what a graphic designer does, from education and training to work environments, job responsibilities and average s