In the spirit of October, here are 8 free fall fonts perfect for the changing season. Below, you’ll see how fonts not typically associated with fall can enter into that world through the simple use of color and texture!

1. Making a List Checking it Twice


Making a List Checking it Twice is hand drawn font that was created on paper with a pencil. This makes it a great choice for visually speaking to the fragility of Autumn. The feelings of chilly weather and bare tree branches are spoken to in the imperfect fragile pencil marks.

This font is also a great example of how a font originally designed with Christmas in mind can really be transformed and utilized for other sensibilities. Don’t judge a font by its title!

2. Exotica


Despite being an ornate, decorative display font, Exotica can be observed to have quite organic and growth like traits. With the spooky sides of October in mind Exotica can easily fit in to the world of Halloween, eyeballs, guts, and slime.

Furthermore, it can be seen to speak to decomposition and death – very much in the spirit of fall.

3. Ruined Serif


Ruined Serif is a digital font that captures the more twisted sides of October; evil, bats flying through the air, and vampires. A great choice for events, movie posters, or book covers.

4. Kuzwaren


Kuzwaren is another font that comes from a different intent – playing with the idea of bent safety pins. It can’t be hidden though that it certainly has creepy sides. For that reason it has nice potential as a playful and creepy Halloween or haunted house font.

5. Intro Rust Free


Rust speaks to the more serious and bone chilling horror of October. There is nothing playful about it. The letterforms are old looking, and can be very useful in designs with a haunted sensibility.

6. Middle Cove Beach Rocks


Similar to Rust, Middle Cove Beach Rocks is serious and can be extremely scary. In the use above it almost has a spooky blood stamp feel. Great for the freaky hair raising times of October.

7. Green Fuz


An October font list is not complete without Green Fuz. This could be said to be one of the classic Halloween fonts. Perfect for posters, seasonal business cards, label designs, halloween products and more.

8. Corrupt Script


Corrupt Script brings an end to this list with the feeling of ghosts, spooky campfire stories, chilly weather, and death. It could be designed as looking scraped into a tree or a spooky basement wall. It also just works as as floating text over a textured background. Enjoy!


Many of these fonts come from designers who weren’t thinking about October at all in their process. For that reason, it’s important remember it’s often up to the designer to interpret character shapes and letterforms. More often than not, fonts can be manipulated to fit the needs of a given project!

Have some more free fall fonts to add? Comment below!