If you’re stuck in a rut and looking for inspiration beyond the earthly, then perhaps a look beyond the stars may be in order. As some would say, space is the final frontier and a good source of infinite inspiration. From predatory aliens to soaring rockets, these cosmic designs help to celebrate the many mysteries of the universe.

Spaceship illustration by betterfly

The sleek lines and curvilinear pod created a spaceship straight from the future. Beam me up, Scotty!

Alien Frenzy icon by Anrigoa

This design has us seeing red. The distressed texture and sharp geometric shapes create a menacing design.

Sketch Nation Galaxy icon by bruckmann

Blast off into the galaxy with this soaring design. The complementary color palette of yellow and blue help to showcase the galactic details and the clever fusion of pencil and rocket.

Robot Riot logo by coin™

The swooping flame and disjointed stance of the white robot in the foreground is well contrasted by the dark looming mob of rioting robots in the background.

Custard Moon logo by hattori

The subtle sheen and sweet honey coloring of the half eaten moon is definitely worth drooling over. And all this time, I thought the moon was made of cheese.

Acquisition Sciences logo by iamkevinhaugh

As Sinatra would say, “Fly me to the moon.” The soft curves and rounded shapes in the logo and the typographic choice convey a sense of approachability and friendliness.

Robot illustration by Kubotech

Fee Fi Fo Fum! Giant robots on the run! The massive scale and the glowing laser details create one intimidating foe.

Planemo logo by Leon Design

The serpentine details and sharp pointed limps are ominous signs of an alien predator in waiting.

Boreal Space logo by SloveT

The seamless and balanced incorporation of the Big Dipper, Aurora Borealis, and the glowing horizon line bring the spectacles of the cosmos light years closer to us.

Tech Raider Mascot by ze$thar

This robot can be confident, confused, happy and shocked. The rounded figure and disproportionate eyes make this loveable mascot a robot you can definitely relate to.

What are your favorite outer space designs?