Orange you glad… now wait a second. The color orange is more than just the setup to a joke. It’s actually a hidden gem of a color in the logo design world. While it’s less common than red, it can bring just as much energy. It’s an outgoing color that helps you stand out from the crowd. Not to mention it feels refreshing and invigorating.

Before we make you run for a tall glass of OJ, check out these 33 excellent orange logo examples that just might make orange your next logo color choice—and we didn’t even say banana. Oops!

Fun & playful mascots

Logo with monkey
9gorillas logo by Cross the Lime
Logo of man with mustache
Mobile Gurus logo by Esteban Oliva (via Behance)
Logo with rabbit
twisted pig logo by Hello :Design

The color orange is naturally outgoing: it wants to grab your attention and it wants to play. These traits make it perfect for fun and joyful logos (especially one’s with lively mascots or characters). Check out how orange brings life to the wide-eyed smiling characters featured above. Whether it’s a fish, gorilla or dinosaur, each one feels vibrant and ready to have a good time. Even the characters that aren’t smiling (fat rabbit and Mobile Gurus) feel fun, cute and approachable. If you are outgoing or are trying to send a fun and playful message through your business, think about pairing orange with a mascot-style logo.

Bold & modern logos

Logo with Gecko hand
Orange Gecko logo by Ricky AsamManis
Coffee logo
Daily Grind Coffee Co. logo by ∆ Studio—JQ ∆ (via Behance)

The fact that the color orange is a lesser-used color in logo design allows it to feel unique and modern. Take for example how RM Technotree makes a splash in the commonly red-and-blue world of software by using a bright orange circuit board design. Feels fresh and current doesn’t it? The same goes for the Forward Development logo: In fact, the color orange should be a color option for any company with “forward” in the name. Orange is a color that moves forward! Simply using it as a background color, as seen in the Aphid logo, communicates a crisp and bold energy that feels up to date.

If you’re thinking about starting a software or tech company, orange has the power to show your customers that you are on the front lines of new and current technology.

Elegant & ethereal orange

Logo with flower
Sentiment logo by RotRed
Elegant logo
Natural Orange logo by bo_rad
logo with carrot
Kindred Farm logo by MEC87

Even though orange is energetic, that doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant. Pairing this bold color with design elements like thin, decorative lines, or scripted fonts creates an interesting tension that can position your company as innovative and unique. The Kindred Farm logo’s use of a delicate orange watercolor effect certainly holds a original sensitivity that contradicts the stereotypical thick-skinned farmer image. This could appeal to a whole new range of customers, so don’t be afraid to try out the soft side of orange for your next logo.

Hip & vintage

Logo with whale
Sag Harbor Tubs logo by C1k
Logo with fox
Foodfox logo by dreamsketcher7
Cursive logo
Freshest Fridge logo by S A V
Logo with bird
One X Land logo by Tmas
Logo with
Coats Custom Homes logo by Joel Lindberg
Logo with burger
MISTER BURGER logo by SpoonLancer

Being hip is all about being alternative, off-the-beaten-path and different—just like the color orange! Adding it to a logo with unique and alternative imagery—such as a whale in a hot tub (Sag Harbor Tubs logo)—is sure to accentuate that vibe and bring a lot of unique customers. It also works in geometric designs (such as One X Land) and borderline-creepy-yet-fun illustrations (Mister Burger). If you are targeting alternative culture, think about orange for your hip or vintage logo!

Adventurous & active

Logo with dancer
IDANCEMORE logo by Laura’s
Logo with bird
Karnivore logo by ludibes
logo with tennis ball
Roland Garros Paris logo by Aurélia Joly (via Behance)


The energy of orange applies in a literal sense too. It speaks to physical energy and exercise, therefore making it a great choice for businesses that are all about moving your body. The Finisher Tips logo takes a more stylized approach with stick-figure type characters flowing through the three events of a triathlon, while logos like IDANCEMORE feature the silhouette of a dancer jumping. The color orange brings a sense of physical energy to all these examples, so don’t be afraid to use it to pump up your next activity based logo!

Artistic, minimal & geometric

Simple logo
Camber logo by Stoëmp . (via Behance)
Geometric logo
Klyo logo by Mitch.
Geometric logo
V logo by Manitiu Lucian (via Behance)
Geometric logo
Fnkfrsh logo by Tarek Okbir | Fnkfrsh (via Behance)

Just because orange is bold doesn’t mean it needs to be maximalist. When refined and brought into a sophisticated, minimal space it can be delightfully artistic. It can be edgy with poise. The Kylo logo works with clever rearrangements of the geometry within each typographic character. Through the incorporation of orange, the logo starts to feel more creative and experimental.

Why an orange logo?

So why might you want to use orange in your next logo? Why not! It’s fresh, exciting and modern—and it doesn’t stop there. Orange logos are extremely adaptable and able to portray a wide spectrum of wonderful and energetic peelings… err, we mean feelings.

Are you ready for an orange logo? Start a logo design contest today!