Having been domesticated for nearly 15,000 years, dogs are more than just man’s best friend. They’re lifelong companions, service animals, and even celebrities!

We love our dogs, and that’s why there are so many services and products for them. The odd thing is, from the entrepreneur’s perspective, these brands aren’t designed for the dogs who will be using them. Until the day Lassie learns how to operate a Visa, these company logos need to appeal to dog’s owner, not the actual product consumer.

Let’s look at some dog logos that’ll inspire your branding efforts.

Happy dog logos

Let’s face it, most people are probably not going to try out a product for their pet. Who wants to eat dog food or wear a collar? (I mean, unless that’s your thing. I’m not here to judge.)

As great as your product may be, you’ll have to convince the owners that it will make their dog happy. One step towards convincing them of that is to show a happy dog on your logo. In reality, a dog baring its teeth isn’t a good sign. But if you’re using a cartoony style for your happy pup, a big ol’ smile definitely works. Or, you can illustrate with active poses and line work to show how energetic the doggy is.

Fur & Collar Logo
Retro dog logo by Cross the Lime for zack e
Exercise My Mutt logo
Cartoon dog with sneaker by Cross the Lime


Stoic dog logos

Dogs have dignity. They’re not just here for your amusement. Sometimes, what we want to see is a dog who has some self-control, like with an obedience school or a trainer.

On the other hand, dogs in human clothes are always fun, especially when they look serious.

TimeToPet logo
Time to Pet logo by MarkCreative™



Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Many families don’t limit themselves to just dogs. Your customers might have a veritable menagerie of pets. A logo that incorporates both dogs and cats is ideal for services, such as vets or groomers, that cover more than one kind of domestic animal.

Pet Zympatico logo
Logo for Pet Zympatico by WantedPowers for Ros13



Cute ears, paws and noses

Maybe subtlety is more your thing. You don’t necessarily need to show the entire dog to beat the customer over the head that your product is, indeed, for dogs. Or maybe you just need a clean, simple logo that’ll fit on a business card.

Whatever the reason, you can represent the idea of “dog” by utilizing iconography. Focus on identifiable elements, such as floppy ears, adorable paw prints, and sniffing noses.

These elements also incorporate nicely into a lettermark, if you don’t want a full-blown logo. Wordmarks often add a touch of class, but they may be too ambiguous when it comes to informing what your product is. Working in dog iconography helps clarify your purpose.

Muddy Pawz Bakery
Logo for Muddy Pawz Bakery by WantedPowers 



Bones for Bowser

Surprisingly, bones aren’t necessarily safe for your best friend to chew on. That being said, the iconic dog bone is engrained in our culture. This is another great way to imply your product is for dogs without being so totally obvious about it.

Plus, the bone carries with it many other connotations, such as food, caring, and comfort. Isn’t that what we all want for our dogs?

Wag your tail

By offering a service for dogs, you’re continuing a tradition that is many thousands of years old. Many people consider their dog to be a part of the family. So make sure your logo shows you want to be a part of the family, too.

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