Mascots are understood internationally and help companies tell a stronger story. They immediately personalize the brand, giving it a face and this is exactly what a brand needs: to convey emotions, build recognition and resonate with the consumer.

Smoking®, a leading brand of cigarette paper, has always used design to the best of their advantage. Since their inception in 1879, the Spanish company has exported papers to more than 100 countries on five continents. Here, international understanding and cultural consensus of brand recognition is important. The traditional company has always relied on strong design, as you can see below in some examples from decades past.

Mr Tuxedo designs
Mr Tuxedo design

Mr. Smoking is born

With a recurring character named Mr. Smoking, the brand anchored during the years in the minds of the recipients. The following 1930s examples show how the character has changed over time, but always represents the same character—and thus a constant brand statement.

A man in tuxedo is the enduring mascot of the brand, giving it an elegant, elitist touch.

Mr Smoking vintage poster
Mr Smoking vintage poster
Mr Smoking vintage poster

Today, the social circumstances have changed dramatically—especially in relation to smoking. Now Smoking® has started a search for the modern Mr. Smoking and are hosting their contest right here on 99designs with a €3,000 cash prize!

Take a look at their international design call:

579 designs from 157 designers have already been submitted. Here’s a few of the contenders so far… naturally all in slick tuxedos:

Mr. Smoking mascot
by Red Vortex
by aRaL gombau
by MariangelSA
by esoj serdna
Mr. Smoking mascot
by RebekkaIvacson
Mr. Smoking mascot
by Uroš Begović

Have your own idea for the new Mr. Smoking? Enter the contest now.

Follow along with the hashtag #‎DrawYourOwnMrSmoking.