When app development company Gorillas with Glasses launched a contest on 99designs, they were looking for a “nerdy, funky and creative” design. I think it’s safe to say they got what they asked for and MORE.

We asked 99designers to pick their favorites and tell us why for our most recent “like” challenge. Check out the winners below!

Design by permana

“It’s a very clean design. Nice contrast with the choice of colors. A simple, clear, sans serif font with a good incorporation of the color. Especially in the word gorilla. The hint of yellow in the letter “i” is just like the color in the icon-style logo. The icon/image has a very clean image of the gorilla with a nice use of negative space and just the right amount of detail to imply the animal face without being overly detailed so that the image is clear no matter the size.”

– Jason Simon (SimpleSimonDesign)

I like it because I think it’s simple, pretty cool and friendly gorilla not like the others where they might scare the audience. Hehe.”

-Mark Padolina (Mark™)

“It is the toughest.”

-Luka Breberina (Luani)

“I like the illustration in the square shape, and how it looks on the first view.”

-Milos Milovanovic (Milovanović™)


I like how the gorilla’s face is made as an application icon — the proportions used fit best and I also love the color scheme — it’s fabulous.”

– Velimir Ivanov (CreoWorx)

“I like the simple illustration of gorilla with glasses. The reflection in the glasses are pretty easy to see.”

-Harry Ashton (Harry Ashton)

” I love the orange, it just looks exciting.”

-Sam Kiarie (SamKiarie)

Design by Rom@n

“I like the movement in the hair as well as the use of a single color. This is a very contemporary style of logo design. LESS IS MORE! :)”

-Brandon Peterson (BRANDONart)

“Clean, simple, stylish, modern and works good in one color.”

-Vladimir Kostetskiy (KVA)

“Very nicely done, visually clean, simple, bold.”

-Vladimir Trajanovski (375)

Design by :: scott ::

“I like the gorilla because it has character. Also, the font that is used is the most relevant.”

-Nenad Vujic (Valmark)

Simple form. Good color. Eye catching.”

Daniel Nagy (BigDan)

Design by Jonico

“All of the designs are great and awesome. I like the gorilla with the necktie — it’s very cool.”

-El John Lopez (El John)

Thanks to all designers who participate. Check out more community favorites on our “Liked” designs at 99 Pinterest board!

Which gorilla to do you like, and why?