Since 99designs is all about contests, competition between designers can sometimes be fierce. More prevalent than this rivalry, however, is the great respect we have for each other’s achievements and our deep appreciation for the varied skill-sets on the site.

Virtual friendships are formed and – in some cases – spill out into the real world. One of these special artistic collaborations is 78Tarot.


The brain behind 78Tarot is Kayti Welsh (one of our very own Top Level designers), with fellow 99designer Shanashay handling most of the branding. Over the course of more than six months, 78 artists from around the world – including eight from 99designs – teamed up to create a breathtaking tarot deck. The interpretations are as varied as the 78 artists involved, resulting in a deck that is more than an occult tool. It truly is a work of art.

To raise the money necessary for printing and marketing, 78Tarot is crowdfunding through Kickstarter and rewarding backers with artsy perks including original sketches and the actual tarot deck. Within the first week, the project has already reached 50% of their $20,000 goal.

Let’s take a moment and see what our 99designs community has been contributing:


With more than 5 years on our site, and more than 60 wins, Edit is surely a veteran – and it shows in her interpretation of the Ace of Pentacles.

Another longstanding member of our community, Shanashay has tickled the design buds of more than 200 clients through 99designs alone, and her outstanding skills show in her rendering of The Star.

We don’t know how Kayti finds the time, but in addition to being extremely successful on and off 99designs, she somehow managed to get the 78Tarot project off the ground. Coffee probably helps – and her card (The Sun) is one of the most elaborate vector files she’s ever created.


After more than 4 years on 99designs, ultrastjarna’s skills as a designer are obvious with more than 120 won contests – what a great artist she is when going beyond commercial work is apparent in her Emperor card.

While we always knew that Bashango was an exceptionally talented illustrator (after all, she belongs to our Top Level “club”), she truly exceeded herself with the Strength card.

Known for her cute and clever logos, CrossTheLime actually went back to her roots and reverted to paper and pen for her interpretation of the Page of Wands.


Another cute and illustrative Top Level designer of ours is Beeme – with a fierce female illustration for the Wands card.

We always loved Swe’s colorful, artistic illustrations – just like all her happy 99designs clients – and her talent shows in the feminine, powerful rendering of the Cups card.

Learn more about 78Tarot

For more about the project, including videos and art by big names including Larry Elmore, Jasmine Becket-Griffith and newest wildcard artist Everette Hartsoe, head on over to the Kickstarter page. Donors will be rewarded with artsy perks including original sketches and the actual tarot deck.

This post was written by Gila von Meissner. Check out some of her work on 99designs here!

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