Buhv Designs is a Denver-based web design agency known for its top-notch team of designers that helps clients kill it online with websites, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising and more. They are champions of bringing great digital branding and content to SMBs. Heck, Buhv is a small business itself (17 employees), that delivers enterprise-level digital marketing on budgets that contain four figures, not seven.

To do this level of work and keep their costs manageable, Buhv tapped into 99designs’ global network of design experts. They found brand identity specialists and were able to give their clients a wide array of quality designs to choose from with a quick turnaround time.

99designs gave Buhv’s clients more logo options

Challenge: Perfect is subjective

Buhv’s internal creative team has a white-glove approach to logo creation, and likes to take the time to to get creative concepting right. But design can be subjective.

Buhv wanted to deliver on their clients’ visions, but didn’t want the overhead of hiring more in-house designers.

Solution: Give ‘em more options

99designs connected Buhv with dozens of designers, and built a hassle-free, custom branding arm with these great features:

  • Hand-picked designers
  • Privacy services
  • Streamlined feedback tools
  • Project management
  • White label presentations

Results: Lots of happy clients

99designs designers pitched over 1600 logo concepts that Buhv used to develop 11 new brand identities.

This additional creative concepting was beyond the capabilities of their internal team and allowed Buhv to seamlessly grow their business.

When you’ve got 150 people putting their creative mark on something, that’s a much better experience for a client than one person in our office iterating on just a few concepts.
- Marc Ring, Director of Operations

Creativity thrives with collaboration.

In partnership with 99designs Pro for Agencies, Buhv was able to harness the creative power of a global design network.

Clients got all of the options and specialty designs they craved, while Buhv was able to to provide an even more valuable end product, create internal efficiencies, manage smaller budget projects and help their clients shine in the digital space.

Designs developed by 99designs for Buhv
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