Work—and specifically, the way we work—is changing. As more people forgo the traditional corporate route for a more entrepreneurial path, and more creatives trade their office gigs for freelance, there’s more of a need than ever for places where people without a 9-to-5 or a traditional office setting can connect with others in the same boat and find the community, support and resources they need to succeed.

And that’s where coworking spaces come in. Looking for one to call home? Here are the best coworking spaces in Boulder and Denver for creatives, big-thinkers and game-changers like yourself:


WeWork Denver

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WeWork Denver
WeWork’s Union Station location. Via Built in Colorado

“This is not a trend… This is the future of work.” – Adam Neumann, CEO and Co-Founder, WeWork

You can’t talk about coworking without talking about market behemoth WeWork. With over 200 locations in 49 cities around the globe, WeWork prides itself on being a full-service coworking solution for everyone from the independent freelancer looking for a place to build a community to an established company with up to 100 employees on the market for a non-traditional workspace. Their campuses, which are equipped with everything from conference rooms to outdoor spaces to beers on tap (YUM!), are beyond gorgeous (think modern, chic, comfortable and edgy all rolled into one), and offer multiple spaces for collaboration and creativity as well as quiet sections for solitude when you need to put your nose to the grindstone.

With two locations in Denver, WeWork is a great option if you’re looking for tons of opportunities to network and get involved; the locations each hold a number of networking and learning events each month.

WeWork has multiple pricing plans, from “hot desks”, which give you access to all the campus’ common areas (and starts at $350 per month) to a private, dedicated office (which starts at $600 per month).

Green Spaces

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Green Spaces
Get to work (and get green) at Green Spaces. Via Green Spaces

“I started Green Spaces because I wanted to have a space for all these different green and socially-conscious entrepreneurs to work together and share ideas.” – Jennie Neves, Founder.

Thanks to its focus on clean energy and reducing the area’s carbon footprint, Denver has gained a reputation for being one of the greenest cities in the nation. So it was only a matter of time before a coworking space cropped up to match. Green Spaces, which prides itself as being “the nation’s FIRST green coworking space,” is the perfect place to hang your hat if you’re looking for a workspace that’s both economical and environmentally friendly.

The eco-friendly space is an environmentalist’s dream; all materials used to build and furnish the building were responsibly sourced, recycling and composting is part of the daily routine, and the entire operation is run 100% on solar power. Green Spaces also donates a portion of it’s profits to supporting green nonprofits, like GreenLeaf, a CO-based organization centered on “food leadership and youth justice” which connects urban youth to gardens, provides healthy food in “food deserts” (inner city areas which lack access to produce), and trains youth to earn fair wages through growing their own food.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Green Spaces also offers a number of awesome member perks, including regular happy hours, yoga classes and catered lunches. Members have 24/7 access to the campus for themselves and their four-legged friends—so if working in your pajamas in the middle of the night with your puppy by your side is when you do your best work, Green Spaces has got you covered.

Shift Workspaces

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Shift Workspaces
Getting creative at Shift Workspaces. Via Shift Workspaces

“There’s a paradigm shift that’s happening with how people work that’s a lot bigger than anyone realizes,” Grant Barnhill, CEO and Founder.

Shift Workspaces is on a mission to “shift” the way we feel about work (pun intended). Instead of feeling like work is a chore, the team at Shift wants people to associate their work with happiness. And as such, their two Denver locations (one on Corona St. and one on Bannock St.) are specifically designed with happiness in mind (think sun-drenched community spaces, plenty of city views and a never-ending supply of coffee and snacks).

Shift Workspaces is run more like a high-end hotel than a traditional coworking space; staff are on hand to anticipate member needs and provide concierge service to ensure you have everything you need to increase productivity and enjoyability at work (including goodies like standing desk and in-office masseurs on hand to work out any shoulder kinks). In an effort to increase your feelings of happiness at work, Shift also places a huge emphasis on fostering relationships within their office community with the idea that more friends you make at the space, the happier you’ll be while you’re there!

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to Shift? No worries. The space offers day passes, so you can check out the vibe before making a longterm commitment.

Thrive Workplace

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Thrive Workplace
Just another day at the office at Thrive Workplace. Via Thrive Workplace

“Non-traditional and traditional office employees are using a more sustainable workplace model that meets their fluid lifestyles… At the heart of Thrive’s vision is the idea of a sophisticated and vibrant community in an exciting and creative work atmosphere.” – Chad Johnson, Co-Owner.

If you’re just testing out the waters with coworking, Thrive Workplace might be a good place to start. With locations in the trendy Ballpark neighborhood, as well as the affluent Cherry Creek area, Thrive Workplace offers all the amenities you’d expect at a high-end coworking space (free coffee and beer, monthly lunch-and-learns, networking opportunities and well-designed workspaces) while offering flexible packages that suit every coworker, from the startup looking for a 24/7 headquarters to the freelancer who only needs a few days a month.


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Stadium seating for work AND play at INDUSTRY Denver. Via Confluence Denver

“I would say this is more of a community workspace than a coworking space, because we can all go back to our little hives when we need to, but we can also come back out and be a part of something bigger.” – Ellen Winkler, Founder.

INDUSTRY Denver is a community workspace in the River North neighborhood of Denver that’s home to over 70 companies and startups, along with freelancers from just about every industry under the sun. Their campus, which contains nearly 4 acres of office and community space, is beautifully designed and offers a wide variety of spaces for working, learning, meeting and eating—INDUSTRY Denver is home to multiple kitchens, bars and eateries within campus borders.

INDUSTRY offers the best of both worlds; when members need creative inspiration or a break from their work, there’s plenty of activity. But when they need the space and privacy to crank through their to-do’s, there’s plenty of private spaces for getting work done.


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Not a bad view over at ModWorks. Via

“Modworks really represents an evolution in the concept of shared workspace. Our model bridges the gap between traditional executive suites and hipster coworking warehouses. We have a decidedly modern aesthetic for creative and innovative professionals seeking the highest quality, sustainable workspace.” – John Borst, Co-Founder.

If you live downtown—and don’t want too much of a commute from home to work—ModWorks is a solid coworking option. The space is in a great location, located right near the 16th Street Mall (which offers ample shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities should you need a break from work). If you don’t want to venture out for lunch, no worries—the building has a number of cafes and restaurants in the lobby should you tire of ModWorks assortment of free snacks and drinks. Oh, and there’s plenty of bike storage if you want to take two wheels to work instead of four (go green!).



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Galvanize Boulder Campus
A peek inside Galvanize’s Boulder campus. Via Built In Colorado

“If you look at what we’re doing, we’re making learning and working look like the same thing.” – Jim Deters, CEO and Co-Founder.

Galvanize is a sort of hybrid coworking space, school of all-things-tech, entrepreneurial think tank and start-up incubator (say that five times fast!). In other words, this isn’t just a place to work. It’s a place to grow.

Galvanize is unique in that in addition to offering all the traditional coworking amenities, they also host regular events, meetups and lunch-and-learns to help bring new ideas into the community. Galvanize also has mentors on-site to help you take your business to the next level and a full-on programming school with both full and part-time classes if you need to brush up on your tech skills.

In addition to their Boulder campus, Galvanize also has two locations in Denver (Platte and Golden Triangle, which was the company’s very first campus).

Impact Hub Boulder

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Impact Hub Boulder
Members gather for a learning event at Impact Hub Boulder. Via Impact Hub Boulder

“We built the Impact Hub as a place where visionaries and doers could meet and make magic together. It’s working, and it’s growing.” – Kevin Jones, Impact Hub.

If you and your business are all about making a positive impact on this planet that we call home, you’ll definitely want to check out Impact Hub.

According to their website, Impact Hub is “a mission and values-driven community and coworking space” that “provides workspace, programming and a collaborative network to advance our members’ efforts of fostering positive global impact.” So, if you’ve got a socially responsible start-up or are looking to change the world through your work, you’re bound to feel right at home.

Impact Hub Boulder offers 10,000 square feet to spread out and get your world-changing work done and offers regular events and workshops to connect with other like-minded citizens of the globe. Oh, and if you wanted to take your show on the road, Impact Hub Boulder is part of a global network of coworking spaces with over 90 locations worldwide.

The Studio Boulder

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The Studio Boulder
An Airstream media lounge? Why not? Via The Studio Boulder

“We’ve taken what was once a vacuous warehouse and turned it into a comfortable, chic workspace for creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers” says founder Bill Goodrich.

For many creatives, the actual space they work in is just as important as the work itself. And you want find a more inspiring or creative space than The Studio Boulder.

Founders Jen Lewin and Bill Goodrich sought out to create a creative-friendly space, and the results are an industrial space that both dazzles and inspires with details like neon light installations and a converted Airstream that serves as a media lounge.

Oh, and as an added bonus, The Studio Boulder is also pet-friendly, so feel free to bring Fido along on your coworking adventures.

Get out there and cowork

With so many coworking spaces in Denver and Boulder, there’s no reason to work alone as a creative freelancer or entrepreneur. So get out there and check out one of our choices for best coworking spaces Denver and Boulder have to offer!