New website design wanted for VideBus / Blackburn Plastic Cards


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Contest title


New website design wanted for VideBus / Blackburn Plastic Cards


VideBus & BPC is a small business in Melbourne, Australia doing Video Services and printing of PVC Plastic Cards. Help us tie t

Background information

Organization or website name

VideBus / Blackburn Plastic Cards

Description of the website and its target audience

VideBus is a local Video Services Provider. Blackburn Plastic Cards provides short runs of PVC Plastic Cards, Laminated Cards, Cardboard Tickets and Round Metal Badges.

The two businesses are closely related to each other, and share a colour scheme of Green and Yellow.

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

Company colours for both is Green and Yellow

VideBus HomePage:-
Briefly introduce VideBus and have a Video Services theme (cameras, vcrs, dvds, etc). Also a prominent link to Blackburn Plastic Cards

Blackburn Plastic Cards Homepage:-
Briefly introduce our four main product areas, PVC Plastic Cards, Laminated Cards, Cardboard Tickets & Round Metal Badges. Also a prominent link to VideBus

Generic Subpage:-
Generic themed webpage for the sub-pages in between (i.e. different products / services)



VideBus aims at individuals and small community groups.

BPC aims at small community groups and local small businesses.

BPC intends to have a small kids range at some time (mainly with the round metal badges)

Logos shown are to be incorporated into design - these will not be altered. (Better quality files of them will be posted shortly)