Magician needs a New business card

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Magician needs a New business card


My potential clients are looking for a fun & professional card to keep in their wallet and your expertise is needed to make one

Background information

Organization name

Magician & Balloon Artist

Description of the organization and its target audience

My potential clients are looking for a fun & professional card to keep in their wallet and your expertise is needed to help design one :D

Hi i'm Perry
I am a Magician & Balloon artist based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in children and family entertainment for private birthday parties,libraries,and schools. My clientele consist of Parents (Mainly Mothers) in their early 30's to 50's. Along with anyone else who needs family fun entertainment.

So i am looking to have a business card to looks professional but fun at the same time. Think in terms of Disney type work. (family fun)


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


Instead of the standard front&back design. I am interested in a tent card design to utilize the extra space to make a stunning first impression when i hand out my business card.

You can find the tent card design template from gotprint
(Company i'm using to print the tent cards)…_card.html

There are only two purposes that i want to get across with this card
1) To make the potential prospect feel the fun & excitement when they open up the tent business card.
(basically showing them what i can do)
(See attached detailed breif for more info)

2)To employ direct response marketing techniques to get them to Visit my website or Scan the QR code.

On the back of the card, i would like
-QR code on card linking to a tab on my website.
(Have Text or a mini picture of gift box, Saying "Scan for your free Gift"
-Facebook icon with Url to my fan page.

I included my logo, some fun illustrations of me for you to use (wherever you best see fit). Additional pictures and links are included inside the detailed breif document.

**** In Depth Brief also included as attachment****
I want help make this project unique and fun for you, So i have included a More IN-Depth breif to help you understand my taste and visions better.

Please make sure you read about the tent card orientation before you start designing.…ation.html

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