Paratroopers - Movie Poster Design Contest

Hype Publicity Inc. picked a winning design in their print & packaging design contest. For just US$391 they received 118 designs from 35 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Paratroopers - Movie Poster Design Contest


Guaranteed Payment of $300 plus two second prizes of $100 via Paypal, All entires will receive feedback.

Background information

Brand Name

Paratroopers - The Canadian Story Narrated by Martin Sheen

Content details


  • Images of Canadian Paratroopers
  • 100% period accurate uniforms
  • All Canadian para, no American or other countries can be used (for accuracy, we love paras form all around the world but they will not be featured in this movie)
  • War movie style poster design
  • Narrated by Martin Sheen
  • Must include the Canadian Flag
  • Should include the red Ensign
  • Can include shots from WW2 Normandy, WW2 Varsity, Battle of the Bulge, Korea, Somalia, and Afghanistan
  • Should include the Maroon Beret
  • Should include the Pegasus icon
  • Should include 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
  • Can be from any time period, modern or old

Don't Wants

  • We hope to not see the same poster over and over again
  • you do NOT have to use all or any of our assets
  • you can create assets
  • the logo can be broken apart or re-interpreted

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