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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Help FMLC (Soapy Utopia) with a new print or packaging design


We package cosmetic products for sale at fashionable boutiques in London and South East England

Background information

Organization name

FMLC (Soapy Utopia)

Description of the organization and its target audience

We package cosmetic products for sale at fashionable boutiques in London and South East England.


Cosmetics & Beauty

Content details


Hi there,

I am after some labels with a vintage feel about them.

These labels will be printed onto adhesive paper which will then be stuck onto packaging.

If you type the search term "Vintage Cadbury's" or "soap & glory" into Google Images you will see the type of mood I am going for.

The downloads are of my own creations which are intended as guide to roughly how I want the finished labels to look. I am particularly keen on London Underground variety of fonts; the one I used I think is called Johnston P22. That said, I love some of the Cadbury’s fonts. The clawfoot bathtub does add something to the vintage mood although if it can be trumped then I’m more than happy to pursue something else. That particular bathtub I used is quite low resolution. I don’t want detailed background illustration and I favour a fresh white background.

So as to meet a legal quirk, the back label would need to include the ingredients for the constituent parts of the product; the salts, soap, and bath bomb along with their shelf life symbols (12M, 12M, & 24M). This would also need to include the barcode provided – I have more copies of this barcode in different formats if this helps. I would also like a made in Britain symbol and that quirky little poem (see back label).


The front and back stickers for the soap will be stuck onto a clear polythene surface surrounding a dark purple soap. FRONT = 3.81cm X 3.81cm / BACK = 5cm X 2.5cm

The bath bomb label will be stuck onto a transparent polythene surface. SIZE = 5cm X 2.5cm

The front/“main label” and back label will be stuck onto a paper tag. BOTH = 4.5cm x 8cm

The bath salts labels will be stuck onto a clear plastic jar with light purple salts contained within. FRONT = 5cm X 3.5cm / BACK = 5cm X 2.5cm

Best regards,


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