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minimalist dot logo

Designed by Former Maker

A simple, minimalist logo for those who prefer serious and understated design without any unnecessary elements. It is very abstract and can be used for virtually any field of bussiness. The simplicity of the logo allows for great versatility since it is suitable both for printed media as well as web application. It will also perform perfectly when downscaled or converted to black and white.

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Words that describe this logo

  • clean
  • blue
  • modern
  • science
  • mobile
  • technology
  • professional
  • water
  • balanced
  • grey
  • profit
  • communications
  • internet
  • corporate
  • bubble
  • computers
  • confidence
  • circles
  • cold
  • gray
  • sphere
  • cool
  • Trust
  • traffic
  • money
  • airy
  • minimalist
  • sans
  • serif
  • dots
  • peaceful
  • calm
  • serious
  • soothing
  • simplistic
  • serene
  • understated
  • pharmacy
  • breathing

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Photo of Tamara Gielen

"I love my new logo that I bought from the Logo Store, the designer was very accommodating, even though I had a number of revision requests. Will definitely use this service again!"

Tamara Gielen

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