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Om. Aum. It may be a practice not a perfect, but this logo's perfect for your practice. A logo that's modern but pays homage to Hinduism. Logo designed with a unique spin on the Om symbol as am emblem that can stand alone to easily identify your studio. Logo designed with multi-use in mind--web, print, embroidery, etc.

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Words that describe this logo

  • Peace
  • yoga
  • studio
  • Practice
  • pilates
  • pose
  • posture
  • Mat
  • breath
  • Breathe
  • om
  • aum
  • asana
  • bikram
  • namaskar
  • namaskara
  • surya
  • ashtanga
  • samasthiti
  • vinyasa
  • kundalini
  • namatse
  • pranayama
  • svaroopa

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"I love my new logo that I bought from the Logo Store, the designer was very accommodating, even though I had a number of revision requests. Will definitely use this service again!"

Tamara Gielen

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