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    Sat, 25 Feb 2012 12:55:15 +0000

    OK, that's enough of your childish game guys, what do you think, people are blind??!! the concept "boudchou" came up with, is, by far, more creative and developed than anyone of yours! ESA2011's concept is representing a "head"...are you kidding me, what's a concept!!
    and than you see boudchou's concept(a well executed one at least!!) , representing a whole fairy sitting in a moon and blowing out butterflys, and you are shameless to comment in here and say this guy is copying something from ESA2011!! You now, i've seen this kind of "totally non-professionnal silly game" occur several times in 99! Be Profesionnal, Be Creative, Be a Designer!!
    And for god sake, when ,one of you guys, have no chance in a contest, stop withdrawing your draft pretending it's because of someone's mistake!
    PS: The contest holder is not blind, not stupid, not going to make their choice depanding on what YOU or anyone else says, so all what you're doing in here is...Pollution!!